"Stations of a blessed sacrilege" is a series of photos depicting ‘The Saint’ on the day of his temptation and fall from grace (1995). Intrigued by Georges Bataille's "The Story of the Eye," I photographed this narrative scene featuring three models on black-and-white film. Inspired further by the work of Jan Saudek, I added colour to intensify the carnal corporeality expressed by the models’ poses. The models' florid complexions reflect both the portraits of saints depicted on prayer cards and the uncanny spectacle of saints' "incorruptible" bodies displayed in philatories (transparent reliquaries) in various churches and cathedrals to inspire devotion and prayer among the faithful. I used a Konica AUTOREFLEX T4 35mm Film SLR Manual camera throughout the series. Click on each thumbnail to get a larger image with more details as well as numerous photo outtakes.