Nora Geist: Fine Scenes

Experimental photography is my passion. People, places and things are all in the crosshairs of my camera!


Openness (2003—2020): Digital photography of scenes in England, Canada, France and America. Whether inside or out these scenes could naively be taken to be the obverse or possibly the complement of Edges. However, there is always a remnant of material or space that is unaccounted for, and this is where the absolute value of the matter being analysed is to be found. Perhaps these spaces seem immediately more inhabitable because of their 'embrace' than the 'push' of the edges (where space was consumed). My range is from a Canon EOS 350D—>iPhone 7–> E-M10 Mark III S 1442 II R Kit: a dip into pedestrianisation ain’t just for the High Street!

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