‘Immediate Identities’ (1992—present): Film & digital photographic portraits. A visage refers to our literal face, but it also refers to the expression which our face is wearing at a given moment. One’s visage might accurately portray our internal state of mind, but at other times our visage might be a façade or a veneer, concealing what we are actually feeling/being thought. A façade or veneer always hides something beneath it, but a visage is merely an appearance, whether genuine or fabricated. The people here are depicted in a flash forever frozen, displaying moods that we think we can identify with, which can convey a sense of safety. However, the next flash of the face might betray a conflicting emotion or attitude to what had captured us in the previous moment. Being captured is an interesting thing, particularly if by a visage/facade which is inanimate (like a portrait, whose subject's eyes follow one round the room). In a perfect world this may say more about the one captured, but in the world in which we live, the beholder and the beheld don't have to be on similar footing. My camera range is quite wide for this gallery: Polaroid 600 Impulse—>Canon EOS 350D—>iPhone 7–> EM10 Mark III S 1442 II R Kit. *Click on each thumbnail to view the larger picture with details.